What to Do If You Suddenly Encounter Back Pain

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What to Do If You Suddenly Encounter Back Pain

25 August 2017
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The human body is amazingly flexible and usually answers our call to do a wide variety of tasks in any given day. Lifting, twisting, turning, bending – you name it – all of these tasks are typically handled with ease for the average person. However, occasionally things go wrong and your first indication is some searing back pain. What could have caused this and what can you do about it?

Is It Your Technique?

If you were lifting something when you noticed the pain in your back, it's likely that you were exhibiting poor technique. This is often the cause of sprains and lower back strains, especially when people are not used to lifting anything of any weight. Many people simply forget to use their legs in this equation, especially if they are quite tired at the end of a day. Alternatively, it's never a good idea to twist the upper body away from the lower body whenever you are holding something heavy.

What Are You Eating?

You may not realise it, but your typical diet may have contributed to your current issue. You need to eat healthy foods as often as possible and drink a lot of water every day. This will help you to keep unwanted weight away from your midsection, as this can cause an imbalance and strain the muscles in your lower back.

Sitting Down for Too Long

Are you a slave to a computer? More and more people are these days, but if you sit for too long it can take a toll on you. In this situation, you will be compressing the discs in the spine and if you get up suddenly to go and answer the door, for example, back pain can result.

Working Out Too Aggressively

Have you just started an "overenthusiastic" exercise regime? If so, it's important to take at least 10 minutes to warm up properly before you start, which many people simply omit. Take the time to prepare and everything should be fine.

These are the main reasons why people "tweak" their back and many of them can be avoided through lifestyle changes, or simply taking more care before proceeding.

Getting Things Fixed

Now that you are aware of what happened, you don't have to simply suffer the consequences. A chiropractic adjustment can do wonders in the majority of cases, so schedule a visit to your local expert for advice.