Why You Need to Choose an Orthotic Product Carefully

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Why You Need to Choose an Orthotic Product Carefully

10 June 2019
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As you may know, your feet have to put up with a tremendous amount of stress simply to carry the weight of your body on a daily basis. It's not surprising, therefore, that people do develop issues with foot pain which can significantly affect their mobility and cause them to look for solutions as quickly as possible. If you're going through this type of torment you may have been looking for inserts to help you ease the pain, and you may have come across several options over the counter at your general store. Should you just go ahead and buy these, or should you get some custom-made inserts instead?

One Size Fits All?

Anything that you buy across the counter at a store like this will, by definition, be generic. These companies have made their orthotics for the mass market, so you cannot expect them to provide the perfect solution. You may find that the product is too tight when you insert it into your shoe—and don't forget that you will probably use several different types of footwear through the course of the week—so will this one size 'fit all'?

Be Specific

Due to the severity of your problem, you should learn more information before you buy anything. You should find out whether your issue affects your toes, heels, arches or something else and think about getting a customised orthotic insert that can provide the right amount of relief.

Poor Circulation

You may need to focus even more on foot health due to another illness like diabetes. In this case, the disease can affect the circulation as well as the nerves and blood vessels. You cannot be too blasé in this situation and should certainly choose custom-made orthotics.


Some people are particularly active and love to take part in sports. This will place a great amount of additional strain on the feet, and you may certainly need more support if you are to be performing your best. Don't forget that a constant pounding can also cause damage to other areas of your body if you don't use the right type of equipment. If you're not careful, you could start to develop issues with your knees and other joints too.

Think Carefully

Whether you are an avid sports person, you have other illnesses to think about or you simply want to enjoy life without constant pain, choose wisely. You will almost always be better off getting a custom-made product instead.

Start looking into getting some orthotic inserts today.