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My name is Adrian and I am an old timer. The next time my birthday rolls around, I will be 71 years old. I still like to keep my mind active and learn new skills so I decided to ask my grandson about the internet and he taught me how to write this blog. This blog is about dealing with doctors. Over the years, I have had my fair share of appointments with the doctor and believe me, as I get older, they become more frequent as I have to manage various medical conditions. I hope you find my blog useful if you are unwell.


Have you thought about osteopathic therapy?

10 August 2020
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Have you considered the benefits of osteopathic therapy? If you have developed problems with your connective tissue, bones, muscles or ligaments, then osteopathic therapy could be the best solution for your health. Visiting an osteopath will allow them to identify actual or potential health issues and to treat them accordingly. What is osteopathic therapy? While visiting an osteopath won't normally involve you in surgery or in prescriptions for pills, it will involve working on your muscles through a programme of stretching and massage to help your body to heal itself and return to natural function. Read More …

Understanding Giant Cell Arteritis

16 March 2020
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Giant cell arteritis is a serious vascular condition that mainly affects the arteries in your head by causing the lining to become inflamed. This inflammation restricts blood flow through the affected arteries, which prevents sufficient oxygen being distributed to the surrounding tissues. It's not clear why some people develop giant cell arteritis, but genetics, environmental factors and an overactive immune response are thought to play a role in the development of the condition. Read More …

Considering Cataract Surgery? Here’s What You Need to Know

20 December 2019
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A cataract is a clouding in an eye's lens that ultimately causes vision loss. Cataracts form slowly and are more prevalent in persons over 55 years old. There is no proven way to prevent cataracts, but quitting smoking helps decrease the likelihood that they will develop. A cataract surgery essentially helps correct this disorder by replacing the cloudy lens with an artificial one. Fortunately, the modern cataract surgery is a simple outpatient procedure. Read More …

Choosing A Retirement Village: Is A Coastal Village Right For You?

13 November 2019
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There is an unmistakable allure to life on the coast, and if you're looking for a safe, welcoming retirement village in which to spend your later years, Australia's coastline is dotted with a wide variety of retirement villages and 55+ communities. However, while there are many reasons to spend your later life in a coastal retirement village, there are also good reasons why a seaside village may not be the best choice for your needs. Read More …

Guide to choosing an optometrist

26 September 2019
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At some point, everyone needs glasses, especially when they hit the forty-year mark. Aside from prescribing corrective glasses, optometrists monitor the eyes for any diseases that can cause blindness unless they are detected early. For your eyes that help you see the world, you need the best doctor who can help you maintain good vision. You can choose an optometrist using the following guide. Services When looking for an eye clinic, you need to enquire about the services that they offer. Read More …