What You Need to Know About Industrial Occupational Medicine

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What You Need to Know About Industrial Occupational Medicine

27 June 2023
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Due to the nature of certain industries, workers can be exposed to risks like chemical exposure, machinery accidents and work-related stress. It is imperative that companies that deal with complex and risky worksites make provisions for the safety of their workers. That's where industrial occupational medicine comes in. What do you need to know about this sector?

What Is Industrial Occupational Medicine?

Industrial occupational medicine refers to the study, identification and prevention of workplace hazards that expose workers to illness, injury or disease. Occupational medicine experts focus on workplace-related health issues, including prevention and treatment of illnesses and injuries resulting from exposure to hazardous substances or practices.

Industrial Occupational Medicine Services

Industrial occupational medicine services include worksite evaluations and occupational health surveillance. They also include injury prevention programs, risk assessments and advice on workplace health and safety. A good provider will conduct a risk assessment, such as the identification of workers exposed to hazardous substances, to provide a comprehensive and in-depth plan for minimising their exposure, training workers on good safety practices and providing exposure monitoring.

What Industrial Occupational Medicine Offers

Industrial occupational medicine services aim to help workers stay healthy and safe in the workplace. Driven by the principle of preventive medicine, it recognises the need for proactive measures to mitigate risks and hazards that may occur in the workplace.

Benefits of Industrial Occupational Medicine

There are several benefits of industrial occupational medicine. Its services can help prevent work-related illness and injury, reduce healthcare costs and improve employee satisfaction, morale and productivity. It can help organisations and employees recognise and manage their exposure to workplace risks and decrease their chances of developing work-related illnesses or injuries. By focusing on preventive measures, including health and wellness programs and injury prevention training, employers can mitigate the risk to employees and the negative impact potential work-related injuries or illnesses have on employee morale.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, industrial occupational medicine plays a crucial role in mitigating the risk of work-related injuries and illnesses in Australia. Proper industrial occupational medicine services can help protect the health and safety of workers, minimise healthcare costs, boost employee morale and productivity and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. It is essential for companies to prioritise the health and safety of their workers, particularly those in high-risk industries. So if you have a responsibility in one of these industries, you should get in touch with a certified and professional industrial occupational medicine service provider for further advice. 

For more info about industrial occupational health services, contact a local company.