Three Things to Do Before Your Appointment With the Travel Doctor

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Three Things to Do Before Your Appointment With the Travel Doctor

6 June 2018
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If you've planning a big holiday soon, an exam with a travel doctor should be one of your top priorities. Whilst it's simple enough to arrange the appointment, some of the things that you need to do in preparation for your appointment might not be obvious. Fortunately, you can use the three part checklist below to make sure that you're prepared for your travel doctor appointment. 

Your Full Itinerary 

It's very important to have your full itinerary on paper before your visit to the travel doctor. Your travel doctor will need this list so they can determine exactly which vaccinations you will need. Each country has its own entry requirements, so you might need a variety of vaccinations based on your destinations. Some vaccinations are done in several parts, and having the itinerary allows your doctor to schedule these in the proper time frame before your holiday. If your itinerary changes at any point before your holiday, make sure that you notify your travel doctor. You might need to have additional vaccinations or medications to prepare, and you don't want to find that out only when you try to enter another country unsuccessfully. 

Your Medical Records

In many cases, your travel doctor isn't the same person who you see for regular check-ups or urgent care. This means that your travel doctor isn't already familiar with your medical history and medical records, and they may need that information to properly plan your travel vaccinations and other preparation. Ask your primary care doctor to send a copy of your records to the travel doctor, or obtain a copy and take them into your travel doctor appointment yourself.  

Your Current Medications

Your medications -- both prescription and non-prescription -- should be taken to your travel doctor appointment. If you don't want to take the medication bottles to the appointment, be sure to make a comprehensive list, including dosages, for your travel doctor to review. Whilst your medical records do give your doctor information about your current medications, those records don't typically include information about any supplements or other non-prescription medicine that you may be taking. Your travel doctor needs to know about every medication that you're taking right now. Even supplements and other all natural drugs can potentially interact with medicines or vaccinations that you'll need for your holiday. 

Your upcoming holiday will be a special and important time in your life, so make sure that you're prepared in the best way possible. Prepare for your travel doctor visit using the three tips above and you'll be ready for your best holiday ever.