4 Must-Know Facts About Breast Explant Surgery

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4 Must-Know Facts About Breast Explant Surgery

19 January 2021
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It is common to find women with breast implants opting to have them removed later due to various reasons in what is commonly known as breast explant surgery. A woman's priorities may change over time, or a medical complication might necessitate a breast implant removal. The procedure entails the removal of a breast implant and any scar tissue around it. Read on to find out more about breast explant surgery.

Breast Explant Surgery Explained

During a breast reconstruction surgery and breast augmentation, an implant is surgically inserted into the breasts. However, medical or personal reasons may force patients to consider removing implants. During implant removal, a surgeon might also opt to remove the surrounding scar tissue called a capsule. Also, the doctor may remove the silicone material to prevent implant leaks. The entire procedure is referred to as breast explant surgery, and it is usually done in an outpatient setting. The procedure is conducted under general anaesthesia for 2 to 2.5 hours.

Personal Reasons for Breast Explant Surgery

A switch in lifestyle or the need to work in a different environment can inspire former patients to consider breast explant surgery. If the initial breast implant surgery did not produce the desired results, you could opt to have the implant removed. Over time, the shape of augmented breasts can change because of weight changes, pregnancy, and hormonal fluctuations. In this regard, the affected person can choose to have the implants removed for improved aesthetics.   

Medical Reasons

If a breast implant was improperly inserted, often by an unqualified surgeon, it could lead to infection, positional change, or rupture. As a result, breast explant surgery might be necessary to achieve desired outcomes. Experts recommend removing implants after every 10-15 years as they are not considered lifelong devices. Additionally, the implant's outer shell can break, making the silicone to leak while the capsule hardens. Therefore, an implant can be removed because of this reason.  Similarly, breast implant illnesses and concerns for breast-implant-related cancer are other reasons why breast explant surgery can be performed on a patient.  

Breast Lift

You should think about breast lift when undergoing breast implant removal if you experience weight changes, are breastfeeding, or are pregnant. The reason is that such body changes can cause breasts to sag and the position of nipples to change. A plastic surgeon should assess the situation and advice if a breast lift is necessary. 

Reach out to a professional for more information about explant surgery